1. It’s actually sparkling blue (at chestnut hill reservoir)

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    Tranquil Valley

    no fuck you


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  4. Those fall days

  5. "I long so much to make beautiful things. But beautiful things require effort and disappointment and perseverance."

    Vincent van Gogh

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  7. Sunset with Hills, not Cityscapes

    so many people and tried to go out but had to go up.
    I’ve got lots to do and this is the one place
    I can be on my own. You can look out, too,
    See clouds and trees and many many people,
    The birds fly and play. Look at the dark blue sky
    above us, a light baby blue teal color over there
    giving the clouds more white and making them light,

    With the clouds we can see the end of the day
    From on top of this hill much more clearly.
    With the window and with the glasses is not clearly.
    Let them be and see clearer the pretty.

    Nobody’s bothering us right now we can just lean back
    And look at the slow, steady stream of clouds and blues
    Which pour and pour through the slow, sure shift in time.

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  10. Hike in the foothills today, so blessed to be here. #traillovin #greatoutdoors #saguarolake #AZ (at Saguaro Lake)

  11. Sunset in the desert city, which has a canal haha #arizona #ftw #scottsdale (at Southbridge)

  12. The funnies on a sunny Sunday morning

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  14. "The way a birthmark
    on a woman’s face defines
    rather than mars
    her beauty,

    so the skyscrapers—
    those flowers of technology—
    reveal the perfection
    of the garden they surround."
    — "In the Happo-En Garden, Tokyo" a poem by Linda Pastan

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    You have a goddamn car
    so get in and drive
    to me in the middle of the night
    if you say you miss me.
    We’re running out of fucking time
    I’m running out of breath
    and both of us know the end is near.